Square End Mill 6Flutes

Square End Mill 6Flutes

  • Series: Carbide End Mills
  • Name: Square End Mill 6Flutes
  • Model: YDH88E6A

The Eagle Eye end mills series are specially organized for the end mill cutters which is suitable for the machining materials between HRC 45-55. The products in this sophisticated line are used for many different applications and has a special ultrafine carbide grade for HSC machining.
Due to the raw material variance, the cutting tools in this series are suitable to machine high hardness of workpiece so as to satisfy the fine cutting and enhance the application of milling, profiling, slotting as well as contouring.
The AlTiN (AT) coating is also utilized for the improvement of milling performance and tools lives. In this series, our product of "Miniature End Mills" will be highlighted to apply to the fine machining with high performance since it is made of the same material.

Type No. Diameter Flute Length Overall Length Shank Dia
6 Flutes D H L D2
E6A06050-6.0 6 16 50 6
E6A08060-8.0 8 20 60 8
E6A10075-10.0 10 25 75 10
E6A12075-12.0 12 30 75 12
E6A16100-16.0 16 40 100 16
E6A20100-20.0 20 45 100 20


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